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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Chasco, Inc. been in business?
Chasco, Inc has been in business since January 1, 1979. Chasco, Inc. started as a backyard fence company (dba Four Seasons Fence) in 1979. In 1999, Chasco, Inc. acquired Stillman Construction, a locally owned building construction company with 25 years of experience. We operated under the dba name FSF Construction Services until 2017, when we decided to drop the dba’s and use Chasco, Inc. as our only name to become a single more effective whole.

In what state is Chasco, Inc. incorporated?
Chasco, Inc. became incorporated in the State of New Hampshire in 1986. The corporate by-laws of Chasco, Inc. are the original corporate by-laws of FMR Management- formerly the John Iafolla Company

Does Chasco, Inc. have a mission statement? 
Yes, our mission is “To deliver exceptional customer service provided by an expertly trained and highly experienced in-house production staff.”

Is Chasco, Inc. insured?
Chasco, Inc. is fully insured by an insurance company with an A.M. Best rating of A+. We are currently carrying $7,000,000 in liability insurance.

What is Chasco, Inc.’s current EMR?
Chasco, Inc. has an EMR rating of less than 1.

Is Chasco, Inc. bonded?
Chasco, Inc. is currently bonded for up to 3 individual projects of $500,000 each and with an aggregate of $1,500,000.

What is the Chasco, Inc. market area?
Based on the customer, project, and product Chasco, Inc. services the tri-state area of ME, NH, & MA.

How many employees does Chasco, Inc. have?
Chasco, Inc. employs 17 year-round productin employees and 10 year-round administrative employees. During the peak production period (April – December) the number of production employees typically increases to 27.

Does Chasco, Inc. offer employee benefits?
All employees qualify for a 401k plan, health insurance, production incentives, and year-end profit-sharing. Qualifying employees receive 12 days of vacation (at hiring) 9 paid holidays, and 100% paid health insurance premiums.

What exactly does “diversified construction services” mean?
Over the past 45 years, the Chasco, Inc. team has acquired and trained its employees with the skill sets capable of providing over 185 different construction services.

Does Chasco, Inc. have an apprenticeship program?
In 2021 Chasco, Inc. started an apprenticeship program as a career alternative to individuals who do not wish to seek higher education. The program is a 2-year program and the selected candidates receive qualifying benefits. It is a guaranteed year-round program.

Who owns Chasco, Inc.?
The sole shareholder of Chasco, Inc. is Charles W. Kuehl, who started the company on January 1, 1979. The current corporate officers are Charles W. Kuehl – President, Lori E. McNally – Secretary/Treasurer.

Where is Chasco, Inc. located?
Chasco, Inc. has been located at 15 Banfield Road in Portsmouth, NH since 1986. The building was built by Stillman Construction. Chasco, Inc. occupies 2,400sq ft of office space, 3,000sq ft of fabricating space, and 15,000sq ft of outdoor storage space.

How much does an estimate cost?
Chasco, Inc. does not charge for estimates.

Does Chasco, Inc. use subcontractors?
To the extent possible, Chasco, Inc. uses only in-house employees to complete its projects. However, in the case of home renovations and new construction, over the past 45 years Chasco, Inc. has built strong, reliable relationships with local licensed and insured contractors (some now in the second generation of ownership) for electrical, HVAC, drywall, excavatin, etc. which is necessary by code to complete our projects.

Does Chasco, Inc. offer financing?
Chasco, Inc. does not offer any financing. Our success and reputation is driven, in part, by our ability to meet our financial commitments on time every time.

How long does it take to get an estimate?
Chasco, Inc. is committed to providing an estimate in a short a period of time as possible. However, the availability of subcontractor quotes, material quotes, and the overall scope of work can all play a role in determining the actual length of time it will take us to provide a quote to a customer.

How long will my project take?
Chasco, Inc. estimates include the current lead time for materials and the current production schedule. Material lead times, subcontractor schedules, and our current backlog of sold projects will all affect the schedule of any one individual project.

Will Chasco, Inc. return my call?
Chasco, Inc. has a full-time live receptionist who will assure you that your call will be directed to the correct person, and our policy is to return calls within 24 hours.

Does Chasco, Inc. have a standard contract?
For all construction projects, Chasco, Inc. follows in general AIA Document A121/GMC 1991 Edition.

Does Chasco, Inc. warranty their work?
All materials and workmanship are warrantied in accordance with the industry standard of one year from the date of completion.

Will Chasco, Inc. provide references?
Upon request, Chasco, Inc. can and will provide up to three references.

Has Chasco, Inc. ever been involved in any litigation?
Yes. In the past 45 years (with over 10,000 customers) Chasco, Inc. has only been involved in 2 lawsuits – both of which were settled in Chasco’s favor.

Has Chasco, Inc. ever defaulted on a loan or contract?

Has a customer ever had to hire an independent company to finish a Chasco, Inc. project for lack of performance?
Not ever for any reason!

Does Chasco, Inc. have a high employee turnover rate?
No. 30% of Chasco’s year-round employees have worked at Chasco for more than 20 years. 15% for more than 10 years, 20% for more than 5 years, and 15% of its work force are newly created positions over the past few years in order to accommodate our growth.

Where do you see Chasco, Inc. in 10 years?
Chasco’s commitment to live up to its mission statement will be directly proportionate to its ability to grow. If the past 45 years are ant indication, the future looks very bright.

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