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Outdoor Furnishings
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At Chasco…

We can design, fabricate, and install a wide variety of site furnishings made from wood, vinyl, granite, ornamental iron and so much more.

Let’s come together to create enhancements to your property. Outdoor furnishings are a great way to bring the family together for a gathering: A bench to read on; playground equipment for the kids to enjoy; lamp posts to guide the way to your home; bikes racks for better, more secure storage options; or simply a way to get your mail – we can design, fabricate, and install it all.

Our specialty construction services are unmatched in the industry, both commercially and for our residential customers. Outdoor furnishings have been a staple in our growth as a company, and we are always happy to provide a way for our clients to bring an added furnishing or structure that is functional and beautiful.

Tell us what you want. We’ll handle the details. Contact us or Call 603-436-2141.

Services Offered




Lamp Posts

Mailbox Posts

Bike Racks


Playground Equipment

And more

Customers Served

Mechanic Street Pump House

Newcastle Common

Ranger Way Park

Leary Field

South Mill Pond Playground

Portsmouth High School

The Woodlands

Ducks Head

And others

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Safety & Insurance

Successful construction is safe construction. We have processes and protocols in place to ensure we do the job right – and the insurance coverage to back it all up.

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