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Preparation Is the Key to a Project’s Success.

We do work the way you want it done. Our project proposals are comprehensive, detailed, and have an itemized scope of work, which allows our customer to be part of the decision-making process from the very beginning right to the end.

Better Building on Your Budget.

Because our process and approach to commercial and residential construction services is preparation-driven, our proposals identify the cost values of the specific parts of your project. By identifying these specific parts and their related costs, we can then offer alternatives that may be a better fit for your budget. This service is known as value engineering, and it helps us achieve “essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost consistent with required performance, quality, reliability, and safety.”

We Do the Work.

Most building contractors subcontract out the majority of the work they are hired to complete. As a result, there are  often added costs to cover the additional  overhead, and because of this, many construction companies require a minimum budget for a project to be worth their time. 

At Chasco, we do things differently. We perform the majority of the work with our own employees, and this benefits our customers in two ways. We don’t have to set a minimum budget requirement, and we are able to more confidently manage quality control and professional outcomes.

Your Project Is Our Priority.

You want your project finished fast – and we do, too!

LEAD TIME to start any project varies depending on the availability of materials, permitting requirements, subcontractors (when required), and the volume of existing projects we are involved in when you start working with us on your estimate. Therefore, as part of the Chasco approach, our proposals will always include an estimated project schedule, and we will do everything we can to achieve your vision on your timeline whenever possible. Once we start your construction project, the duration of work will vary depending on the scope and complexity, and again, the availability of materials and how quickly permitting can be passed.

Once Chasco has a crew on-site, we remain with your project until it’s complete.

Maximizing Productivity and
Minimizing Interruptions.

We are committed to your project’s schedule, which minimizes interruptions. Every day, we take the clean-up time necessary to leave the job site as if we were never there. Further, (to the extent possible) we keep our tools and materials off-site during non-working hours. Our goal is for your project to feel painless.

We look forward to working together.

Let’s Make This Easy!

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