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At Chasco…

We can take your dream house project from concept to  design, then construction to handing you over the keys to celebrate your  brand new signature Chasco home. Our process provides you with a detailed proposal,  and allows you to be part of the decision-making along the way.

We understand that new home construction can be stressful and at times can feel like an overwhelming and daunting task – we are confident that we will not only alleviate those worries, but also bring you reassurance of our professionalism, expertise, and full-spectrum knowledge and handling of what  a new home build entails.

Our team of experienced craftsmen are more than just skilled tradesmen. We pride ourselves on being the type of people that you not only want building your home but are comfortable to have in your home.  Together we will create a space that will last for generations – a space for memory-making – ensuring your property investment brings your dreams to reality..

Tell us what you want. We’ll handle the details. Contact us or Call 603-436-2141.

Services Offered


Code compliance

Value engineering

HDC review

Planning board review


Pre proposal modifications

Construction management

Subcontractor agreements

Builders Risk Insurance


Customers Served

Spruce Creek Cabin

Picott Road Cottage

Frenchville Road Estate

McPhee Lane Camp

And others

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Residential House - Patten, ME - After
Residential House - Patten, ME - Before
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Residential House - Patten, ME - After
Residential House - Patten, ME - Before
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Safety & Insurance

Successful construction is safe construction. We have processes and protocols in place to ensure we do the job right – and the insurance coverage to back it all up.

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